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    RIMC 2017 er að bresta á!

    Ráðstefnan verður haldin 31. mars 2017 á Grand Hótel Reykjavík. Undirbúningur 2017 útgáfunnar er nú í vinnslu og það lítur út fyrir að við eigum von á góðu þar sem fyrirlesarar frá Vodafone, Google, AdBlocker, Yoast ásamt fleirum hafa boðað komu sína.

Félagsmiðlar, leit og samspil þeirra

Fókusinn þessu sinni verður «Digitalization of Marketing» og muna fyrirlesararnir reyna að sýna hvernig þróunin hefur verið með skemmtilegum dæmum um það hvernig digital hefur breyt þeirra vinnu og hvað þeir eru að gera í dag í kringum mobile, félagsmiðla, leit og aðra digital-markaðsleiðir.

Dagskrá - 08:00 - 13:00

  • 08:00 Registration

    Location: Grand Hotel Reykjavik – Gullteigur

  • 08:55 Opening Notes

    Kristjan Mar Hauksson

    Conference Chair

    Conference Opening Notes and conference facilitation handover to the conference moderators; Bas van den Belt and Sante J. Achille

  • 09:10 Keynote: When you can´t win on your own terms

    Rachel Øverås


    Title: When you can´t win on your own terms

    Descritpion: In the making,but its super cool, the best…

  • 09:45 Inbound and Outbound Track 1

    Nick Wilsdon


    Title: How Mobile Experience is impacting Vodafone’s future

    Description: Vodafone is taking mobile very seriously, focusing on the mobile user experience and customer conversations on the retail and terminal level. Nick is working across teams in the organization to implement major changes in how Vodafone uses digital communications across channels to grow as an organization. He will be sharing some very interesting data at #RIMC17.

    Laura Crimmons


    Title: TBA

    Description: She is on the final meters on her role here

  • 10:45 Short Coffee Break
  • 11:00 Content Marketing Track

    Kaja Gilje Sekse

    SMFB Engine

    Title: Balancing creativity and impact on the bottom line

    Description: How do you create content that the audience engages with while also driving sales? During this session Kaja will explain why you should start with the creative process before media strategy, but more importantly; how to make creativity, distribution and sales come together in perfect harmony.

    Robin Hüdepohl


    Title: Pics or it didn’t happen – the power of infographics

    Description: Today, infographics are liked and shared on social media at three times the rate of other types of content. Studies show that internet users give more time and attention to information-carrying images than to reading text, and Google searches for infographics are booming. What repercussions do these insights have for your marketing strategy?

  • 12:00 Lunch Break

    Remember to book your lunch prefrence in the morning

13:00 - 18:00

  • 13:00 Keynote

    Jeremy Tai Abbett


    Title: TBA

    Description: Something creative in the making.

    Joost de Valk

    WordPress SEO

    Title: TBA

    Description: When Joost is in the house, you will know – Description in the making.

  • 14:10 Short Coffee Break
  • 14:25 Pannel - Is it all going to hell?

    Title: Is it all going to hell?

    Description: The development of digital communications has moved like the wind, we are seeing changes roled out by the big platforms every month and sometimes more often – Fake news supposedly rigged the US election, banner blockers are impacting our industry and analytics only tell a small part of the story as its either sample data or people are coming through browsers that don’t allow tracking. Is it all going to hell?


    Richard Zwicky – Medamend
    Laura Sophie Dornheim – AdBlocker Plus
    Jeremy Tai Abbett – Google
    Bas van den Beld – State of Digital


    Kristjan Mar Hauksson – Conference Chair

  • 15:05 Performance track

    Thor Matthiasson

    The Engine Iceland

    Title: The Magic of YouTube

    Description: In the making …



    In the making

  • 15:55 Short Coffee Break
  • 16:05 Keynote

    Geir Ove Pedersen


    Title: Creative Story Telling – Content that influnces

    In the making

  • 16:40 Conference wrap-up with a twist

    Bas Van Den Beld

    Chief Editor at State of Digital

    Title: TBA

    Description: In the making

  • 17:00 Networking Cocktail and mingle …

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