Director SEO, AOL Inc.

Simon Heseltine

Simon Heseltine is the Director in charge of Organic Audience Development at AOL Inc. In this role, Simon and his team are responsible for organic search and training across all AOL and Huffington Post Media Group properties. In his previous position as Director of Search at a Washington D.C. based agency, Simon was responsible for developing and implementing organic search and social media strategies. He also developed and delivered organic search and social media training programs for clients.

Simon writes a regular column for on a variety of topics within the marketing industry, and has previously written for other industry sites, such as (for their in-house marketing column). Simon teaches SEO at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. as part of their Digital Media Management program.

Simon has spoken at many conferences around the world and is an advanced Toastmaster (ATM-B). He has a Masters degree in Information Technology from Virginia Tech and is a BA graduate of the University of Humberside (UK).