This year’s RIMC will be on April 5, 2019 at Grand Hotel in Reykjavík. A lot of effort has gone into organizing the event so we’re expecting great things with speakers from the likes of Lego, Google, IKEA, Shopify and other heavy hitters.

Program - 08:00 - 13:00

  • 08:00 Registration for #RIMC18

    Location: Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

  • 08:55 Opening Notes

    Kristjan Mar Hauksson
    Conference Chair
    Conference Opening Notes and conference facilitation handover to the conference moderator(s)

  • 09:10 Keynote: Dream Big: We Printed the internet in space

    Dixon Jones
    Who on earth are you writing all that content for?
    With 8 billion people on the planet, writing something for everyone just is not realistic – but segmenting your audience to try and create the perfect message for the perfect prospect, just doesn’t seem to be working anymore. You need a more inspiring goal. You need a more inspired audience! After 20 years in the industry, Dixon can look back and see where we all maybe went wrong. Maybe we were writing for the wrong audience all the way along. Maybe now we can start to make amends and get it right. Hear his thoughts… you may never write content the same way again.

    Moderator: Kristján Már Hauksson

  • 09:40 Think creative

    Linus Hjellström and Pia Ølstad
    Creativity and immediate response
    Trust is key in all relationships, especially between the client and its strategic partners.
    What does it take to think different and act fast in order to gain attention, love and respect in a word filled with noise?
    From the creatives behind the “Winter is coming”-post for IKEA, which went viral all across the world in only a week.

    Thor Mathiason and Kristjan Mar Hauksson
    Sweden on Airbnb
    In cooperation with Visit Sweden, Airbnb and based on a creative idea made by the Swedish Creative Agency Forsman and Bodenfors the Engine Team cooked up a fantastic PR lead media execution that had some interesting sides to it. During this session Thor and Kristjan will illustrate the work that went into the media execution, how it was executed and monitored. Sweden on Airbnb won the Grand Prix at Eurobest in the category of Media.

    Moderator: Bárður Örn Gunnarsson

  • 10:35 Short Coffee Break
  • 10:50 Meet the Brands

    Frank Otterbeck
    Is pizza more tech than tech itself?
    I will talk about my experience as a European marketer in a mobile telecom company vs being part of a tech company that just so happens to sell pizza. What is the difference between selling mobile phones and selling pizza? Nothing? Or everything?

    Takin Kropp
    MVP’s and other strategies for social media management
    The social landscape is ever changing. What is the same is dynamics between people and how businesses are organized. Takin will walk us through his strategies for proving that the proof is in the pudding, how you can do the same and what the outcome can be.

    Haukur Jarl Kristjánsson & Engin Yilmaz
    Setting up campaigns for success
    AdWords has long since become one of the main pillars in the marketing world that supports growth, setting campaigns up for success might seem tricky but in reality is a matter of adapting to certain methodologies. A solid account foundation is a cornerstone of maximizing performance and helps make the most out of automation.
    In this talk, Engin and Haukur walk a bit through how campaigns are structured within Delivery Hero and the methodologies behind them as well as how they approach automation.

    Moderator: Anders Hjorth

  • 12:00 Lunch Break

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13:00 - 18:00

  • 13:00 Tools and channels: Take it easy we got your back…

    Fernando Angulo
    Title: Purpose driven marketing Myths & Realities
    During this session I will show all the myths we faced when trying to change the mindset of the marketing team for a focus on the purpose and the results of those changes.

    Rickard Lawson
    Collaborate or Collapse – a look into the future of online publishing and advertising
    In this session, Rickard Lawson – International Publisher Relation manager for media tech company Strossle, will look at the forces driving change in the digital media landscape.What are the key trends in technology and consumer behavior that will impact the sustainability of online publishing and advertising in the years ahead. How do you market and build a successful company in the shadow of the American plattform giants?

    Håkon Tillier
    How the emergence of blockchains should change your strategic thinking
    Having worked the “Internet industry” since the previous millennium, Håkon Tillier has a broad background in all things digital and media. In this talk he will combine the two subjects of Blockchain and Strategy, to see how one affects the other, and tell us a bit more about how it changes strategy at Strossle International.

    Moderator: Anders Hjorth

  • 14:10 Performance track, with some AI and automation twists

    Purna Virji
    May AI Help You? The search marketer’s guide to conversational marketing
    How are digital assistants and AI-powered bots changing the way consumers behave? And what new opportunities will they bring to marketers? In this session, Purna will explore how today’s conversational world goes beyond just voice search. Rather, we have brand new interfaces that are seeing a marked rise audience adoption. Attend this session to get a practical guide on what search marketers need to do in order to prepare.

    Anders Hjorth
    The beauty and the dangers of automation
    In 2018 everybody is talking about Artificial Intelligence. AI, however, is a promise for the future, not really useful in the short term. Let us therefore turn to AIs clever little brother, Automation. Real business benefits can be found with Automation… we just need to watch out for the pitfalls!

    Moderator: Sante Achille

  • 15:00 Short Coffee Break
  • 15:15 Gutting your Marketing strategy

    Paula Gould
    Gutting your Marketing strategy
    A candid discussion on the key components to building and executing a successful marketing strategy from startup to enterprise. The panel will provide frank insights on opportunistic media planning, account-based marketing tactics, adapting brand-building campaigns to land grab and the importance of dividing your budget for agile, holistic marketing.

    Erol Soyer
    Media Planning – Why “We’ve always done it this way” won’t work anymore
    The way media planning occurs at the moment is slow, inefficient, expensive and resource-intensive, and yet it is the one area in digital marketing that see’s the least innovation. With the advances in Big-Data Analytics and Machine/Deep Learning, Predictive algorithms can make a positively disruptive impact in this area.

  • 16:15 Keynote and wrap up session

    Swan Sit
    Accelerating Digital into Hundred-Year-Old Brands
    Swan Sit has spent the past decade successfully accelerating digital into legacy companies including Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Arden and Revlon. Her award-winning campaigns have not only redefined what social media can do for brands, but also helped pull companies out of financial turnarounds. Come hear how to build a global digital platform from the ground up – by flipping a traditional hierarchy (as well as the organization chart and culture) on its head to accelerate transformation and reach a entire generation of new consumers.

    Moderator: Kristján Már Hauksson

  • 17:00 Networking Cocktail and mingle


Important Note: Every effort has been made to keep the schedule accurate, but it is subject to change in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

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