Content Marketing Manager, Statista

Robin Hüdepohl

Global Content Marketing Manager for Statista in Hamburg and London, liaising and consulting with corporations, start-ups and businesses throughout Europe and the world.

With a fleet of research and design professionals and their own global statistics database at their fingertips, Statista Content Marketing and Infographics team uses these resources to tell and visualise the story behind the numbers.
Statista specializes in producing and optimising static, animated and interactive infographics, info-videos Corproate Publishing and microsites as well as data-driven PowerPoint presentations. The company’s infographics are regularly featured on such platforms as, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian. Statista is headquartered in Hamburg and counts offices in New York, London and Madrid.

Having lived in Sweden, Scotland, South Africa, Australia, Croatia, Italy and Germany, Robin witnessed the rising understanding of companies to use data visualisations and stats in their marketing and PR activities.
Through the reach of and its 18,000 market data sources, he and his team are confident to claim that all imaginable topics can be visualised in infographics.