Marcus Taylor

Marcus Taylor is an award-winning young entrepreneur and online business consultant from Oxford (UK). Marcus is the founder of, a website which he built at 16 years old, and now receives over 300,000 visits per year. He also developed the World’s first scientifically valid ‘comfort zone calculator’, which in 2012 he presented at a TED event in Australia.

Marcus now helps a number of music and entertainment industry brands grow their businesses by building powerful digital marketing strategies.

At RIMC 2013, Marcus will present data that helps attendees understand the difference in effectiveness of promoted posts vs. sponsored stories vs. Facebook ads, and how to promote content in a way that gets maximum visibility on Facebook.

He can share data on things like:

  • Which content mediums get the most likes
  • Using Facebook Apps & Facebook Ads to collect targeted data.
  • Building Facebook Apps that go viral.
  • Best practices for ‘pay for a like’ buttons and like gates.
  • Facebook Timeline best practices