Partner. Tjarnargatan / T-Street

Einar Benedikt Sigurðsson

Einar Ben has been involved with marketing since his teens and has an uncanny sense when it comes to identifying what’s „now“. He has undertaken a variety of tasks during his career and his latest venture is as a partner in the production and idea company TJARNARGATAN / T-STREET where he and his team specialize in media productions and  developing cutting-edge concepts for a range of high-profile clients within varied types of industries.

Einar’s background is in telecommunications, radio and event management, and from this background he can see a way forward that incorporates some of the best of what his colleagues are doing in marketing today. His outside-the-box ideology results in material that can work on varied levels – and that can have varied labels.

At RIMC, Einar will give a short overview over Tjarnargatan’s award-winning campaign for the largest festival in Iceland in the context of pull versus push marketing with a guerilla twist.