SMFB Engine

Meri Sørgaard

Meri started working at SMFB Engine early 2014 and has since then been working on clients such as IKEA, Freia, Orkla, Santander and Statoil to mention some. She has a background in educational theory and has used that as her approach to social media and online marketing with some interesting twists. Meri was recently voted the most passionate social media person in Norway and lead SMFB Engine to second place as the best Social media agency.

SMFB Engine works with some great clients that sit within a range of sectors. These include Travel, Retail, FMCG, Finance, Telecoms and Furniture. Occupying multiple markets and working in multiple languages all of these clients have the goal to excel online. We make sure our clients are constantly active and their campaign work gets the wings needed to influence their bottom line.