Martijn Scheijbeler

VP Marketing Executive at RVshare where I focus on providing you with the perfect way to travel and explore the world by using RVs and motorhomes. I lead demand generation, analytics, retention & loyalty, branding, customer experience, marketing strategy, and product development. On top of that, I’m building out a world-class marketing organization. So if you’re interested in joining the marketing organization, feel free to reach out!

Before RVshare, I was the Director of SEO at Postmates where I build up the SEO function, Director of Marketing at The Next Web leading the Marketing organization and Online Marketing Manager at Springest responsible for traffic acquisition and data management.

International Marketing Speaker and Blogger: I’ve been a speaker at 30+ conferences/events around the globe, like: Opticon, LOGIN Startup Festival, Growth Marketing Conference, ConversionJam, Emerce Conversion, ConversionSummit, MeasureFest, Advanced Search Summit, Friends of Search, All Things Data, Digital Elite Camp, Superweek HU, Conversion World, Conversion Conference, HeroPPC, LAUNCH, eMetrics Summit and many others.