Website Implementation Consultant

Kristine Schachinger

Website Implementation Consultant
Specialising in SEO, Accessibility & UI/X

Kristine Schachinger has over thirteen years experience in the creation, development, implementation and maintenance of websites in all areas including government, academia, entertainment, and ecommerce with a focus on usability, information architecture, human factors and W3C & 508/WCAG accessibility compliance. She has designed and/or implemented websites for entities such as AOL, Department of Homeland Security, Reba McEntire,, and

Kristine also specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for organic and local search, as well as social media as a communications platform, and social media for SEO having experience using Twitter, Facebook and Google to assist in site placement. In addition, she works with Universal Design (also known now as Responsive Design) and code compliance remediation, so that one front end code base can meet all site needs in the form of main, mobile, tablet and accessible controlled with one set of CSS sheets and one HTML code set.

Career Highlights
  • Trained Chinese province officials in China on the WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards as part of the UN G3ICT team led by Axel LeBlois
  • Industry Speaker since 2009 (PubCon, SMX, SES, SXSW, DWE)
  • Search Engine Watch Writer since 2010
  • Regular guest on WebmasterRadio.FM (Webcology)
  • Trained one-on-one with Jim Thatcher on A11y (WCAG 2.0 A-AAA accessibility compliance standards)
  • Work won Webby Award recognition for setting standards on the internet
  • Specific Conferences: Speaker at PubCon Vegas 2009-2012, PubCon Austin 2011, Pubcon Hawaii 2012, SESSF 2011/2012, SMXNY 2011, SMX Advanced 2012, DWE 2011, SXSW 2012