Agency Director, SMFB Engine

Kim Herlung

Kim’s past includes couple of years as a regional key account manager of Nordic branding at Google. There he worked with clients such as Disney, L’Oreal, Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Adidas & Nestlé. A digital communication expert with extensive experience in planning and evaluating online media plans. Kim has in-depth knowledge of strategic digital advertising solutions and communicating these to both senior and operational levels. Clear understanding of the overall media landscape and experience from collaboration and relationship building with key advertisers and media agencies such as Omnicom, Starcom, Mediacom, Carat, Mindshare and more. Strong analytical background in market research and analysis. Kim also has diversified experience in product design, strategic marketing, business development, people management, sales and running a small management consulting business in Oslo.

His role at SMFB Engine has been focusing on developing the company for future growth and helping brands through the digital transformation, these brands include Santander, Ikea, Freia, Statoil, Tine and Nordic Choice Hotels to mention a few.

SMFB Engine works with some great clients that sit within a range of sectors. These include Travel, Retail, FMCG, Finance, Telecoms and Furniture. Occupying multiple markets and working in multiple languages all of these clients have the goal to excel online. We make sure our clients are constantly active and their campaign work gets the wings needed to influence their bottom line.