International SEM expert

Barbara Coll

Barbara “WebMama” Coll is an internationally recognised expert in search engine marketing (SEM) with a firm grasp on the industry offerings and their direction. Her current focus is in taking companies that have done all the basics and looking at ‘what is next?’ with search marketing.

She founded in 1996, and has been highly successfully in helping start-up companies and brand-name clients achieve their goals of driving high quality visitors to their websites. She prides herself in understanding the ins and outs of B2B enterprise marketing and the unique challenges B2B companies face in implementing SEO and paid search optimisation recommendations.

Barbara has been involved with product and program marketing in Silicon Valley for 24 years, including marketing positions with Sun Microsystems and other leading edge startups.

Barbara was a co-founder, first President, and the first Chair of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO). Her passion about the industry leads her to be an entertaining speaker and an advisor to many Valley start-ups and venture capitalists. She was instrumental in promoting the value of search engine advertising to enterprise businesses, and influential in the feature set and construct of the past and current evolutions of the search advertising products available today.